If you are willing to pay, we will go anywhere you wish.

Students are given a flat rate of 5 dollars per person in town rides 11am - 11pm Seniors are given $3 dollars off anywhere in 20 miles.

We have a spacious Grand Caravan and can hold 6 passengers with suitcases.

Yes, please call ahead to arrange it. Usually we let customers bring their own.

We can only assist those who are able to walk on their own. We do not have lifts in our vehicles.

The owner started driving back in 2015 but has fast learned that the area did not provide safe driving conditions for employees or passengers. in 2017 he opened up Superior Transportation & Logisitcs and continues to provide top notch 5 star quality rides, with clean and well kept vehicles. And fully insured

Superior Transportaiton has been and always will be a delivery and courier business. We will pick up your groceries, grab your meds from the pharmacy and deliver them. We however will no longer provide services for alcohol, cigarettes' and marijauna. (If they are included in grocery orders this is acceptable. )